209 days.

This photo has nothing to do with this post -- but it makes me happy and this post is depressing. 

Oh, so many thoughts. 

I'm currently in Florida, after driving from MA and going through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Lots of states in just a few days, that's for sure. Luckily (or unluckily) I was plugged in the whole time and listened to DjT's news conference on facebook, in horror -- we sat in the car and said "what is happening right now?!" and "is he being serious?" -- Once we got to the hotel, we watched news channel after news channel distance themselves from his words and tell the audience that he failed America. I listened to Rachel Maddow give a very brief timeline of the KKK and learned (?) that DjT's father was once arrested for being part of a klan "rally" that got out of hand -- did we know this?! Did we know he was a nazi-sympathizer? We should have. This whole neo-nazi vs. anti-facist thing has got me all sorts of confused. Aren't we supposed to be anti-facists?! Isn't that just being a part of humanity? It's like every time I loosen up on my distain and disappointment of him he does something even worse than before. 

We all know what happened Saturday. So when Monday rolled around and we had to depart the cozy and safe (?) part of the northeast to drive... south, I was a bit worried! Of course, there are people everywhere that share the same views of DjT, who fly the confederate flag, or who don't value diversity, or who don't think social issues are important. I'm not naive. I don't think the northeast is some sacred blue land. But while driving through the south... I had no idea how many confederate flags I actually would see. There were a lot. And they were big. And they were flown really high. I don't understand it. That's not our flag. You are not preserving history. That's for museums to do. You are displaying a controversial symbol that represents racism, oppression and slavery. 

DjT has been in office for 209 days. That's it. He has more time ahead of him, in office, than behind. Because of who I am, and what I look like, and where I live -- I have the privilege of checking in and out of this presidency, his administration and his agenda. It's a terrible thing  --  that when it gets too much for me to handle and I feel useless and defeated and his words make me so frustrated and bring me to tears -- I can just not pay attention. Nothing has effected me. Yet. There have been no threats against me. Yet. I'm not an immigrant. I'm not muslim. I'm not transgendered. You can't tell I'm a person of color. I'm not Jewish.  -- And so what now? I wait until he continues to add more groups to his list of humans he won't defend or stand up for -- until one of those groups does define me? How is he leading us? How is he protecting us? 

It reminds me of this:

This weekend, all across the country, including Boston, there are going to be more "rallies" in the name of "free speech" and there will be counter-protests. It feels unsafe to attend these counter-protests but if people don't show up then... what? We'll all slowly be picked off and picked over by DjT and his administration until there's one kind of people in this country and most likely that one group of people won't include me or you. I have a problem with that. That's not the America I want to live in and it's not the America I want for my kids. 


Road Trip: 1,400 miles with a toddler.

Well -- we made it to Florida! We left Monday at 10AM -- we had to wait for my doctor's appointment to be over (what's up with the non-ultrasound pre-natal appointments when the doctor just asks you how you're feeling and then sends you on your way?!) -- and we arrived at Sean's dad's house around noon today. Roughly 1,400 miles stood between our house in Massachusetts and his house in Delray Beach, Florida. 1,400 miles. With a 23-month old. And I'm 20 weeks pregnant. With a blood clotting disorder. Yikes! Needless to say we stopped... a lot. More than Sean stopped on his last trip down south. But it was necessary for stretching, safety and sanity.

I was really aware of space on this trip. I'm trying to be more minimalistic when it comes to packing. It stresses me out. I googled and pinterested and scoured the internet for the best way to actually pack the car. Not necessarily what to pack... but how. I ultimately decided to share a suitcase with Sean and have all of Javi's stuff in another suitcase. Within each suitcase, I'm using packing cubes and everything has a very clear, visible place to be and it's worked out well so far. With the packing cubes, it's easy to see what's missing and what still needs to be re-packed -- so hopefully we don't leave anything behind in hotel rooms! We have his pack n play, diaper bag -- packed with any emergency things we may need like an extra outfit, medicines, a blanket, his lovey, then a backpack for all our computer things, a cooler with plenty of drinks and snacks behind the passenger seat that I could easily access wherever I was sitting and a snack basket that can easily be transferred between the backseat and the front seat depending on where I wanted to sit. I also set up a little diaper changing station in the seat pocket of the drivers side so any time we stopped I could change Javi. Most importantly, I limited his toys/books/entertainment to whatever fit into a narrow basket. It's small and fits on the floor in the middle of the backseat. 

Javi did really well. Like really well with what limited supplies we had -- we'll have to see if he's so content on the way back home -- because, yes, we still have to drive home. But there were some things that aided in our road trip and I wanted to share them here:

I brought some of his favorite things -- like this viewfinder toy, this vtech book, this doodle pro, and lots of books like this one. I also picked up some things that were brand new to him like some foam puzzles (similar), brand new mickey crayons, and mickey flashcards
I bought him a travel tray for coloring, reading, playing, eating, etc. This came in handy, for sure, though it doesn't lay perfectly flat (I'm assuming because he still rear-faces). So at times, everything on his tray would slide into his body and down into his seat which would elicit a "nooooooooooo" squeal. We bought a tablet holder. I know, I know. But disney movies kept him occupied, busy and happy. 

For me -- being in the car that long wasn't a good idea! In fact, one of my doctors was against us making the trip, another one of my doctors told me my pregnant bladder was my only limitation. So to make everyone happy, I promised to stop and stretch every few hours, drink plenty of water, I rotated from the backseat to the front seat so that I could stretch out my legs and put my feet up, and I wore compression socks. By the way -- compression socks in August... in a place like Georgia -- are hot. So hot. But they did help!

Another thing we did that worked out well and we plan to do it the same on the way back is to book hotels as we go. Each night as we were nearing what we felt needed to be the end I quickly got online and searched for a hotel on our route. Originally, I wanted to book ahead but between not knowing how I would feel, how Javi would respond to being in the car, Sean driving, possible traffic... there were just too many variables. Booking last minute was fine and we got pretty good deals on the rooms. When booking hotel rooms, we always opt for suites because we like having a separate bedroom so that Javi can go to bed in darkness (like he does at home) and we can still have space to get organized, watch tv, eat snacks, etc. It's worth the extra money to us and it's typically a difference of $20! $20 for a good night's sleep is so worth it. For Javi, we brought his pack n play (he's used to sleeping in it) with a comfy mattress pad, a sheet and blanket, his sound machine and his monitor so we can check on him without disturbing him. I find that making it just like home, is important. 
We also tried to keep him on schedule as much as possible. We tried to eat at normal times -- (I cut up a lot of fruit and veggies and brought him a bunch of pouches), get to bed at his normal time and we tried not to rush him in the morning! In fact, one morning at 9AM he was still looking like this -- and we just waited, and waited for him. But he was happy when he woke up and we eventually got on the road!

Now for 5 days in the Florida heat -- and then the drive home!


Exciting news!

So... we've been holding onto a little secret! We're expecting a baby (due New Year's Eve!) and it's a baby girl!

We're so excited and it's been killing me not to blog about it. When I was pregnant with Javi I didn't blog often (though I revealed the news much earlier along) but it was more because it was all so new and I didn't want anything to go wrong. Of course, that's always a worry -- but this time was more because I've been busy, the doctors are watching the baby's heart for some concerns AND my work didn't know yet. Since my social media and blog are public I thought it would be weird to post here. 

I'll be 20 weeks on Saturday and I'm definitely starting to show so it was time to share the news on social media and here and I'm so looking forward to the rest of the pregnancy and being a mom to a little girl!
I've been feeling pretty good. I found out really early (on April 22) and so I feel like I really experienced all of the first trimester. Thankfully, just like with Javi, I didn't experience typical morning sickness symptoms however, I felt pretty terrible during the day, couldn't eat and just wanted to sleep away my constant headaches. Around 14 weeks, that stopped and I've been feeling good (other than being so tired). The second pregnancy is definitely different since you can't just nap whenever you feel like it with a toddler running around and screaming! :)

Javi's birthday is coming up which means he'll be about 28 months by the time baby arrives. As of now, he doesn't know what's about to happen to his little world but we've been talking about it and he likes to point to my belly (and his) and point out the "bebe". It was only on Tuesday, we found out it's a girl so now I'm going into major planning mode. :)


Cape Cod.

Javi and I joined my aunt and cousin down the Cape for a week. We were so lucky with weather and it was such a nice week to be on vacation. Javi enjoyed the beach, daily shopping trips and of course, spending time with my cousin Lizzie, who he calls "Lillie!" He also thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor shower at the house we rented! 
Sean had been away with his dad in Florida and needed to get back to work so he wasn't able to come for the entire week. He did manage to sneak away from work for a few nights here and there. Luckily, the Cape is pretty close to where we live so it made it easier for him to join us. We ate out a lot, had ice cream nearly every day and even went mini-golfing!
One day we drove all the way to Provincetown -- it's all the way at the tip of Massachusetts -- and spent the day. It's a really popular location and it seems like everyone always has a dog with them! Javi thoroughly enjoyed shouting "a dog!" every. single. time. he saw a dog! I also got my first Cape Cod bracelet!
On one of the cooler evenings, we thought it would be fun to take a stroll on the beach. Apparently, toddlers don't know that means "we aren't going swimming"! -- because Javi jumped into the ocean -- fully clothed! And I didn't have a towel, a change of clothes or a diaper! So...
We also spent a day in Chatham -- one of my most favorite places in the Cape. Another one of my cousins joined us and Javi is OBSESSED, though totally wasn't a fan of having his photo taken that day. 
It was such a fun week and one that reminded me of my childhood since I spent time in the Cape every summer. I hope that Javi gets to experience similar vacations because they really were so fun!


Review: Cozy Phones.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Cozy Phones and they kindly offered to send Javi a pair of their kid headphones! They have so many styles to choose from -- a unicorn, an adorable fox, a smiley face, a cat, and tons more -- but I chose the green frog because Javi had just learned that frogs say "ribbit"!
To be honest, we don't have that many opportunities for Javi to wear headphones but I like to have them just in case. For our last flight I purchased a pair but they were a bit bulky and Javi didn't want to wear them at all. These cozy headphones are great because they are lightweight, super flexible and of course the cute design helps attract the little ones!

When we first received them, I excitedly put them on him and he was quick to take them off! The soft fleece is a bit warm for summer time but we do live in a location that is cool and/or cold half of the year -- so that shouldn't be a problem soon enough. Since that first time he's tried them on a few times but he's still pretty young so his headphone sessions don't last long. He gets a bit sidetracked! He's obsessed with hats and his helmet so I'm sure in no time he'll be loving these, too!

In a few weeks, we're embarking on a road trip and I'm hoping that with the AC in the car, these headphones will be perfect to use with a tablet so he can have a bit of screen time and we don't have to hear Mickey Mouse's voice. :) The soft, smooth fabric is perfect just in case he falls asleep in the car, too. (fingers crossed!).

Thanks so much to Cozy Phones for the generous gift. I'm excited for Javi to use these headphones on many occasions in the future.