Javi got sent home from school today with a fever. The other day someone asked me how he was feeling (he was sick for what seemed like all of January) and I said "he's really good-- finally healthy!" -- so it looks like I jinxed him.
Is it terrible the only movie, nominated for an Oscar, that I actually saw was Zootopia? Uh... I'm an adult, I swear. My goal, before Sunday, is to watch Manchester by the Sea. If I have enough time, I'd also like to watch Fences and Hidden Figures.

The weather this week, but specifically today, has been in the 60s. The 60s! It's the weirdest thing. I still wore my down coat because I was afraid the temperature would suddenly drop. I do not like to be cold.

On Monday we took an impromptu trip to Maine. By "impromptu trip", I mean I said the idea out loud and then approximately 1 hour later,  after packing 2 bags, adding food for days and 2 strollers in the car, we departed. Gone are the days where we just get up and go.
I'm like 3 episodes behind in This Is Us. It's a terrible thing because I keep seeing spoilers online and all these Buzzfeed articles about the show and fan theories. Watching shows on live TV is stressful. It feels like you have to avoid social media so you don't find out any plot lines.

2 weeks from today we leave for California! I'm equally excited and anxious for this trip since I imagine traveling on a plane with a 17-month old is a struggle. I will spend the next 2 weeks figuring out how to successfully travel with our little guy. And getting really excited for Disneyland. Because... it's Disneyland.


Saturday mornings.

I used to wake up on Saturday mornings and do a lot of nothing, for most of the day. :) Javi is a good sleeper and sometimes sleeps until past 8AM on Saturdays but as soon as he is up -- he's on a roll! I always try to convince him to jump in our bed and say good morning to Sean but he must associate our bed with sleeping (even though he never sleeps in it) because the minute I suggest to him that he get on our bed, he cries. So I quickly redirect him and we move downstairs to his bottle of milk. We've created a bit of a remote-control-monster and he now knows to find it and point it at the tv. He still can't turn it on so that typically ends with frustration. We watch Mickey Mouse on Disney junior until he finishes his bottle and then we move to the playroom for a good portion on the morning.

For his birthday, he got a pack of Mega Blocks. I never put them out because he had a really small pack of lego/duplo type blocks, I think just 8 came in a pack, and he couldn't quite figure them out. So when he got another pack of Mega Blocks for Christmas I was a bit nervous. I did decide to put them out a few weeks ago and to my surprise he's actually pretty good at building towers. So now, Saturday mornings are filled with tower building... and running around and reading and laughing and "cooking" and "taste testing" and singing and chasing cats and looking at the window and actually going outside!
It's a little bit louder around here on Saturday mornings but it's really fun. :)


Nordstrom Winter Sale.

When Nordstrom started promoting their winter sale I got into this online shopper's mode where I thought I had money (I don't) and I put everything in my online shopping cart and pretended I could afford everything in it (I couldn't). But it doesn't hurt (that much) to pretend! We are in that part of the season where I'm still thoroughly enjoying all my winter sweaters and boots and because it's so cold I'm not ready to think about spring or summer clothes. But new stuff is always fun. So if I had an endless budget... these are some items I would love to add to my closet.

The options are pretty endless and it's not so hard to choose how to fill a pretend closet! I must consistently remind myself that less is more. :)


17 months.

I'm not sure when it happened -- but it did. My baby is totally a toddler. It wasn't obvious to me while it was happening but I see it now. I see it in the way he's learned to nod his head yes and shake his head no. I see it when he claps and waves and high fives and shakes hands like "nice to meet you". I see it in the way he gives hugs and blow kisses. I see it in his walk -- confident and brave. I see it in the way he rushes to unload the dishwasher when he hears the clanging of dishes. I see it in the way he sets himself up on the couch with his water and snacks to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse. I see it in the way he yells "lala-la" to demand Alexa turns on some music. I see it in the twinkle in his eye when he does something he knows he shouldn't. I see it in his body movements when he tries to sneak by us. His personality is growing every day and we're all learning how to guide our little 17 month old. 

He got his first "report card" a few weeks ago. It's weird to me for such a young child to get a report card but I was a bit excited to read about him in his school environment. It's scary to think that a report card for someone his age, or any age really, is a direct reflection on me (us) as a parent(s). Is he confident? Happy? Fearless? Does he play? Move to music? Does he know his name? Use utensils? His evaluation was generally positive. He's working on cooperative play and not needing to be held/picked-up so frequently. :) But overall, they tell us he spends a good portion of his day laughing, in the "home" and dress-up area and rearranging furniture -- which is does at home, too. He loves crafts and play-doh and a friend named Charlie.

His next doctor appointment is in March so I'll get a better idea of his weight and height then. But he's a better eater than he once was, he's sleeping about 12 hours a night and takes 2 hour naps during the day. His hair is getting long and we're trying to decide when to get his first haircut and when to take him to the dentist -- he has 7 teeth (I think). 

We celebrated his 17 month birthday by taking an impromptu trip to Maine. We got Javi his second pair of Adidas sneakers. :) And now he looks even bigger and taller and older!


Action 2/10.

I'm trying to join along with the organizers of the Women's March and complete their action items every 10 days or so. I feel like it gives me a bit of purpose in a very intense time. Plus it's better than just sitting back and quietly watching the country fall apart. Their second action item was to join a local meet up and have conversations with people in your area about how you envision the country in 4 years (free healthcare, cleaner air, equal rights for everyone, no one needs to be afraid, safe schools,  etc.), then to talk about how we get there (voting at mid-term elections, supporting free and fair press, donating money to organizations, etc.) -- next we talked about upcoming action opportunities and we formed teams and discussed where we go from there. As a pretty big introvert, the idea of going alone to some church in another town, at night, all by myself is just totally uncharacteristic of me. But I went and I was glad I did.

These were my takeaways:

It's okay to unplug. I was starting to feel guilty about not being up to date on every single atrocity this administration "accomplished" each day. I don't have a job where I can be online all day or at a computer reading/watching the news a lot. I was finding that when I'm done with work, on my way home, I was frantically trying to catch up on all that was going on and ashamed when someone brought something up that I hadn't heard about. But I learned that it's okay that I don't know everything. The more you know and watch and read, the more this administration becomes normal. Things become expected and less outrageous. Just more of the same. I don't want that. By unplugging every once in a while and not having everything front and center 100% of the time -- this nonsense stays ridiculous and that's a good thing. I don't want to become normalized to this administration. 

When you get informed, be informed about both sides. This is a hard one for me. I lean very liberal and I read the NYT and the Washington Post and listen to NPR. But I'm a good listener so I'm going to try to listen to the other side too. It's not like it will change my opinions but it'll be helpful to know what conservatives are hearing and believing. I always want to try to read more neutral news sources so I'm going to add in the Associated Press. It's supposed to neutral. The group recommended Fox News... but I just can't.
Ask questions. Obviously, there's fake news and you need to look up what you read. But this takeaway actually has to do with conversing with people on the other side. I find that when I'm talking to someone who doesn't agree with me I tend to be defensive (and typically, I end in tears or so frustrated that I don't even want to continue talking). Most of my sentences start with "ok, but..." and go on to completely disagree with the person. I learned that doesn't achieve much. It's more beneficial to respond by asking a question -- "what campaign promises do you feel he has kept?" for example, rather than yelling "ya, but those campaign promises were racist and discriminating and illegal and..." and that way the person you're speaking to really has to do some self-reflection on their part.

We also talked about various marches we want to show-up for, the calls to be made and postcards to be written and different sub-groups that want to be formed. So the work is not over. I think it's a positive thing that the Women's March moment is being given the opportunity to become a movement. 
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