Local Farm.

Last weekend, we had lunch at a local farm that just happens to have amazing ice cream! It was hot, but a lot of fun. We took the opportunity to use our little umbrella stroller (Sean thinks it's called a banana stroller so he calls it that...).

Javi loves the little red stroller because he can easily see everything. The farm had goats and llamas and chickens! He was a bit unsure of the animals but was a huge fan of licking my spoon after I ate my mint chocolate chip. :)


A one car family.

We got a new car! It was time because my mileage was getting up there and Sean really needed out of his truck lease which he was over his miles for. With all our expenses (Javi is a pricey little guy), we decided to try being a one-car family and we traded our 2 cars for just the one! It's definitely a new adventure and it takes some planning for both of us depending on who doesn't have the car for the day. We're still getting used to it and it'll all change drastically once I go back to work. But for now, we're enjoying the new car smell! :) 


Library time!

A few weeks ago, it was a Tuesday night and I started looking for things online to do the following day with Javi. Having him all day is sometimes a bit challenging and I just wanted to see if there was something nearby that would be interesting. I found a nearby library that has so many free story times -- EVERY day and thought well, there's an idea! So we got up and ready pretty early and went to the library. I thought it was going to be low-key... just a short story and then maybe some free time to look through books. Oh no! It was "b" day at the library and we celebrated with things that start with the letter "b" -- with books, bubbles and beach balls. It was so stressful! Javi did well during the very short story, he sat on my lap and was totally engaged but once the bubble machine came out and then later the beach balls -- he became a madman! He was all over the room; I couldn't keep up with his little crawling body and the more I tried to restrain him the more he wanted to explore. He goes up to every adult in the room and props himself up on their bodies. He doesn't have impulse control (obviously) or a stop button and just shoots across the room (crawling) so he trips other kids who are walking... oh man, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. 

However! We've gone back two more times and it's been much more tame. One day was puppets day and I think the puppets were a little scary to him, or he was just very confused. But it's something that makes me a little sad about going back to work and not being able to take him every week. I love bringing him around and having him try new things and be in new places. He loves books and weekly story time just seems like the perfect fit -- except when they bring out bubble machines.

The library also had a Touch-a-Truck event that my mom and I brought Javi to so he could see firetrucks and police cars and dump trucks and a school bus! He was a little young for it all (like sitting in the drivers' seats) but it was still fun. He definitely did not like the police car and he almost cried when I put him down for a photo. He LOVED the school bus (even though it was 100 degrees in there... why are school buses always so hot?) and he didn't want to leave!




A few weeks ago, my cousin Lindsey and I got together with the little guys for some swimming and hanging out! It was really fun to watch Javi with someone similar in age since I don't get to see him with kids that often. He still needs to learn personal space and boundaries as the pictures show! But Timothy was so kind to him and understanding and Javi just had a blast!


Puerto Rico.

We travelled to Puerto Rico (Javi's second visit) and stayed for about 5 days. My mom was on the same flight as us and it's definitely easier to travel with 3 adults and a baby :) we opted for upgrading our seats to more leg room, like we had on our flight to Seattle, and it's totally worth it! I can't imagine trying to hold Javi and keep him contained in the compact rows in the regular part of the plane. I'm the more high strung parent... always wondering if others are looking and watching and judging. Sean's more like... eh, who cares. Though, looking back Javi was so good on the plane. He loves people watching and seeing the sights and smiling at the flight attendants. He loved looking out the window and eating cheerios and being on vacation! Who doesn't??
Our luggage was forgotten by Jetblue at Logan! So upon arrival we had to stop at Walmart and grab essentials like sunscreen and formula. But the airline delivered our bags about 10 hours later. :) We stayed in a complex and the first few days the pool was crowded but once the week started, it was mostly just us! Javi loved the pool, swimming and splashing, and enjoyed going to the beach, too! He ate plantains for the first time and also ate a good amount of sand! Oops! He was a bit afraid of the ocean at the first beach we were at -- the waves were really rough and made a lot of noise. The second beach we visited had calmer waves and Javi loved it. 

During our trip we visited my family and took some pictures with Javi's great, great grandmother and great aunt. I love seeing those pictures! We also celebrated my mom's birthday -- 38, don't you know?! :) Javi missed the celebration because he was already in bed. He slept pretty well while we were there. He woke up a bit early for my comfort. I appreciate when he sleeps till 7AM but he likes to wake up early on vacay. 

We gave him ice cream for the first time on the trip, too! Mint chocolate chip from Baskin Robbins, of course. We also rented a golf cart so he officially had his first ride on a golf cart! It was really hot when we were there... like REALLY hot. Javi had constant beads of sweat on his lip and forehead so it was a really good thing we brought so many teether that we kept in the freezer.  

We can't wait to get back there and hope to spend some time in Puerto Rico around the holidays. Maybe it won't be so hot!
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