New Venues!

On Wednesday, my mom and I, saw Tewksbury Country Club. It's absolutely beautiful! Definitely a place that I want Sean to see. The inside is gorgeous and the outside space is just what I'm looking for. The only thing I see as a problem is the distance between the venue and hotels. I really want people to stay over, and feel like the best way to make that happen is to pick a venue that has hotel rooms on the property. But we'll see!

Today, Sean and I saw Publick House! It's very cute. It has the hotel space I'm looking for and has an old time charm we haven't seen in a venue yet. It's very "New England" and I'm sure in the summer the grounds are absolutely beautiful. Even though, some people think I won't enjoy an outdoor/tent wedding (heat, bugs, bees, etc.) that's what I would want at this place. So, in May (once the tent is set-up) we are going to go back.

They have really good prices and lots of different things are included in their package - which is a plus. It's definitely a possibility.

Also, got my dress! It takes up a lot of space... let's just say the back seats had to fold down in order for it to fit in the trunk...

Tomorrow - we see even MORE venues!

These shoes are on Sean's wish list. Along with a mohawk, and a Sean John suit. Oh, dear lord.

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