The next few days!

So, we've gotten our first potential budget proposal for The Villa and unfortunately, it's a little out of range. Unless, of course, we want to continue living on (only) pasta for the next ten years. Literally. And probably live on the street. Seriously.

So, even though it was absolutely beautiful, we'll keep looking. Unless we come into lots of money, very quickly. [Doubtful].

So, I have a very busy next few days!

Tomorrow, immediately after work, my mom and I will be driving to Tewksbury Country Club, where an open house will be happening from 6-8. I basically want to see the grounds and check out the most important things [to me]... carpets - or lack of one preferably, ceilings, amount of windows (for picture purposes), and bathrooms - because let's be honest, that's a necessity.

This weekend, I have more to do!

Saturday, Sean and I will be looking at Publick House in Sturbridge, which I'm hoping I will love enough to bring the parents back to. And in the afternoon, I will be picking up my wedding dress!

Sunday, my mom, Barb [I think] and I will be going to Christina's for a tour followed by an open house at Lake View Pavilion.

Maybe, I'll LOVE one of these venues, but if not... there's plenty more!

Busy, busy! But lovin' it!


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