Hour by hour, I'm leaning toward my venue choice of Christina's. I can't fully decide and Sean doesn't want to put a deposit down anywhere until I'm 100% positive (in fear, I'll change my mind and blame him - WHAT? haha....)

I just love the package deal, how it includes EVERYTHING minus a photographer which is just SO convenient.

In the beginning, I wanted to do everything myself. But the more I get into all of this, I'm finding more and more things that you need to do/find/pay for! Insane. I think it would be so hard to do it all myself.

Another thing I love about Christina's is APPARENTLY they pay their staff at a higher rate (because ALL they do is functions, they are able to do this) so that there are no additional gratuities necessary - whereas many other venues, in this state, require an additional 20% PER PERSON. Which is pretty steep! I think.

I can't decide if I want to put a 10 day hold on a date at Christina's (no deposit necessary) while I contemplate and possibly still visit other venues, or if I want to end my search now and just book a date.

I don't want to make a mistake, but I also don't want to miss a great opportunity... or the date I have my heart set on.

But, if I'm not sure does that mean I don't LOVE it? I mean, my choice of dress came so easily... shouldn't everything else as well?

Oh, dear.

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