Money, Money, Money

We're putting money down tomorrow =)

Smiles for picking a date, not so much for paying for it...

Table Setting!

This is a very simple table design from a show at Lakeview Pavilion. I like it a lot, and of course could duplicate it but the question is... that centerpiece! So high. I mean how could you even talk to the people at your table? - assuming you want to. It's just SO much of a distraction I guess... I think I'll have low centerpieices.

Also, I like the chairs very much but no need for those sashes that I'm sure cost additional money. I think the Chiviari chairs are elegant enough.

When we go tomorrow, we'll also be looking at some color swatches so I can pick which one I'd like to go with. I want there to be a theme, [I want my napkin color to match my bridesmaid dresses] and unfortunately, I've wanted purple dresses all along... THE PROBLEM = purple is not an included color therefore it would be additional money! (how much, I'm not sure yet)... But pink IS included and I'm pretty sure I could make that work. =)

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