Tiffany Ballroom

Today we went to The Tiffany Ballroom, and I wanted to LOVE it. I thought I would love it, but unfortunately it wasn't all that I thought it'd be.

There's no place to have an outdoor ceremony, which I'm interested in. And the indoor ceremony location isn't very nice. There was no "wow" factor for me there. The cocktail room location was nice, but because it's in a hotel, guests would be walking through during the hour - I'm not a fan of that. The space itself was beautiful. There was plenty of room, comfortable chairs to sit in, and plenty of tables to put drinks on - but random people walking through - definitely a turn-off.

The ballroom was very nice. It wasn't as gorgeous as I think the pictures make it seem - but still beautiful. The price, although a little bit higher, is pretty comparable to Christina's.

Except, Christina's includes more things in their package like a 10-person limo, invitations, uplighting, videographer (for 7-hours), floral centerpieces, all the decor, 2 full bars inside the ballroom, a bridal and a groom suite (available up to 5 hours before the start of the ceremony), etc,.

We actually ended up going back to Christina's today, so that Sean could see it. He really liked it and said it was more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than The Tiffany Ballroom.

So I think it's safe to say that Christina's is looking like the best possibility, as of right now. Despite the lack of "wow" factor for me... I know that once it's all set-up, any ballroom will look beautiful.

I like that they cater to your every wish and really make you feel like you're the only person in the world... that's always a plus =)

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