477 Days Left!

Sure, 477 days left until we're married seems like a long time... maybe too long to be counting down. However, in the great scheme of things - in our lives - I know, this time is going to go by very quickly.

I mean, there are roughly 58 school-days left, followed by 3 months of a busy summer [2 weddings on the west coast during July alone]! Starting in September, school will be in full swing again and with my birthday =) September goes by quickly. October is a favorite month of ours and always seems to fly. November and December seem to pass quickly because of the holidays although January and February drag on because of the cold weather. March [much like this year] will continue without missing a beat and April and May are nice because of the weather plus a few long-weekends. Before I know it, it'll be June 2011 and I'll be able to start my "One Month Until My Wedding Countdown". Crazy, right?

Really puts life in perspective.

I've heard from ALL my bridesmaids! =) They've all accepted the task...

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