ARIA bridesmaid dresses

I've been looking up companies that specialize in bridesmaid dresses and ARIA looks very nice. I first saw them in a magazine so I looked up the website! I like that their dresses are made in the US and they're reasonably priced. They have a store in Boston which is convenient and they offer modern styles in a broad range of colors and fabrics [even though I'm pretty sure my dresses will be black]. They have a 10% discount for brides ordering more than 6 dresses at a time and they also offer discounts for shipping when you ship more than one dress to the same location.

The downside of this company, I've fallen in love with, is that they do not offer exchanges or returns. So if a bridesmaid does not live close to one of their three store locations [Boston, LA or DC] and they order the wrong size -- they won't take it back. Their website says, for this reason, order a size larger so it can be altered. That just seems like a waste! BUT... I kept reading and they do offer a "Try-it-on" program - where bridesmaids can have a potential dress shipped to them so they can try it on [see if it fits, the color is right, etc.] and then they must mail it back within a certain period of time. They do require a credit card on file [apparently, in case the dress isn't sent back].

The store itself requires bridal parties to order their dresses at least 4 months in advance [since my wedding is in July that would mean my decision has to be made by March]. Obviously, I don't want to risk ANYTHING so I would have my order in by February which means I should probably choose sometime next fall. Yay for planning.

I like these dresses much more than anything I've seen at David's Bridal. Their dresses are so LONG! Awkwardly so. They aren't very flattering for people who are short. I just don't like that. They have a huge variety of wedding dresses but everything else... not so much.

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