Bridesmaid Update!

So, last weekend, I put together my bridesmaid invites -- to formally ask my girls to be part of my bridal party.

And now that I've heard back from 5 out of the 7 (one is in Mexico! and one I've heard, has received her invite through a second-party) I can post some pictures of what was sent!

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera out in the beginning of this craft (I KNOW!). I had already sealed 4 envelopes when I realized [quite hysterically] that I should have been taking pictures throughout the entire process. I contemplated opening up the first 4 envelopes just to take pictures, but realized that was a bad idea because the envelopes would then be ruined and they were specific for the card stock paper I purchased... dilemma.

But, here's goes...

The poem, which yes -- I wrote (using help from my mom and Barb) -- says,

Where you lead, I will follow

Seven cousins walking down the aisle
Would really make this bride smile.
The job will be simple, and really stress-free,
Just walk down the aisle in front of me!

It would be such an honor,
If you would say "YES!"...
To agreeing to wear a bridesmaid dress.
It won't be hard, it'll be quite easy,
And the dresses won't be tacky or sleazy.

It won't cost that much,
Just your shoes and your dress.
If you bring your smile,
I'll take care of the rest.

Have no fear, you won't be on display,
After all, it is my wedding day.
It'll all take place in July of next summer,
But if you refuse it'll be a real bummer.

Like the poem says, I've asked my seven girl cousins [on my mom's side of the family] to be involved in our wedding party! I printed the poem on cards I bought from The Paper Store, and paired each poem with a ribbon that says "Bridesmaid" in rhinestones for the bridesmaids. I also purchased cute luggage tags [no pictures... sad face!] that say "LOVE" on the front and on the back I used glitter stickers to write-out "Matron of Honor" for my matron and "Maid of Honor" for my [I hope!] maid of honor [she's in Mexico and hasn't responded...].

Sean choose to ask both his brothers to be his best men, so I thought it was fitting to ask two of my cousins to be my maids of honor. And seeing as how, Chelsey will be getting married THIS July [YAY!] she is going to be a MATRON by next July!

They seem to all be excited about this and I absolutely can't wait!


  1. I never knew there were 'Matrons' of Honor and it is hilarious to me that Chelsey will be a matron! :) Very cute, cute, cute. And I'm glad I got a black one!

  2. I KNOW, Emily! Well, I thought a "matron" was a maid but over a certain age... but apparently, it's a maid who's married. Who knew?!


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