Copley Plaza!

Well, in about an hour [give or take a little] we will be off to Boston for our entertainment showcase!

I'm very excited, but a little confused, and not really sure what or how much to expect.

But there are prizes! So... perhaps, we'll win something.

Also, I've heard back from a few bridesmaids =) but I am still waiting for a few more responses... oh, U.S. post mail... you're killing me with your slowness. [Maybe, that's why more people opt to e-mail... you know, pretty much instant gratification and oh yeah, it's free].

But more on our bridal party at a later date! =)

Speaking of bridesmaids... I think this is so cute! Not necessarily the color [although, I love that, too], but I think the style is pretty.

I don't know how I'll ever make a decision!


  1. you and your ancient technology! :P who "mails" things these day silly?

  2. Um, well... I wanted them to formal invites! Be quiet, "Mr. I know all the in's & out's of UPS and FedEx but won't tell my fiance until AFTER she has paid for and mailed everything through the post office".


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