So we've come home from the showcase and it was okay. Not very eventful, even though I got exactly what I was going for [brochures, business cards, etc.,], there weren't any DJs showing off their talents -- but rather just bands, showing us their relatively choreographed singing and dancing! Which was pretty overwhelming.

But I got some cards and now I have a better visual of these DJs when I see their pictures online. Sean thought one was the most "normal looking" so he's the business card giver. Now it's just going to take time and research, to figure it out -- who we should choose, that is.

For your viewing pleasure: Pictures!

My mom took this picture of us this morning, on the way to the showcase. We were on the skywalk between Copley and the Westin and thought it was a perfect photo opportunity. =) To my absolute amazement and surprise, Sean had, not only, never been inside that particular skywalk but claims to have never, ever been to that part of Boston... before, EVER, in his whole life! WHAT, fiance?!

This picture was taken right outside the hotel! It was such a nice day in Boston! It was really busy and bright and "happening". I just loved it!

This was taken inside the beautiful hotel that is the Copley Fairmont. It reminded me of a castle in the "old days". It had everything you can imagine. And yes, that is a real owl... of course, no longer alive... =(

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