Ring Cleaner!

So, I want to clean my engagement ring. It doesn't have that shine to it, anymore. =(

I've looked up some cleaning methods online and Sean has decided against each one for various reasons -- which honestly seems like a smart idea considering the methods some other bloggers are using:

1. Toothpaste and toothbrush
2. Dish detergent and toothbrush
3. Soaking in vodka for 15 minutes

Scrubbing a teeny-tiny ring with a toothbrush just doesn't seem logical! It seems so violent. I mean, I want it to be shiny and new -- without buying special cleaner -- but I don't want my ring to fall apart anytime, let alone anytime soon.

And soaking it inside a cup of vodka seems even stranger...

So, I need a cleaning method. I suppose if it takes buying an inexpensive cleaner, I will...

Because I love it so much.


  1. You should just stop by the jeweler and have them do it. It always looks better when they clean your ring.

  2. You can buy an ultra sonic cleaner for short $$$

  3. ooh! good idea! I read about that somewhere in my online travels... haha


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