Wedding blog vs. Wedding website...

So, immediately after saying "yes", crying, putting the ring on my finger, and telling everyone I know about our exciting news, I joined The Knot!. It took me a few days to get the hang of the site but I quickly realized that my subscription to this particular wedding site comes with the potential to build a wedding website - a website allowing us to put all our wedding details in one place where our family and friends could keep in touch and read up on our date, bridal party, venue, nearby hotels, attractions and pretty much anything else wedding related.

The problem was, at the beginning, I didn't know any of the information needed to use the site! I had no date, no venue, no potential hotels, nothing. And because of this, I opted out of the site for the time being and settled [and by settled, I mean, put all my energy and excitement into...] a wedding blog, instead.

However, now that I have some answers to the mandatory pages located within the wedding website over at The Knot!, I feel as though I can begin to update it. So, that's exactly what I've done. I've linked that site [you can find it to the right of your screen] between THE RING and OUR DATE.

But, I know what you're thinking! What's the difference...?

And I don't really have an answer. So I'm going to make one up for you:

Our blog will continue to be updated as much as possible -- or any time I can think of something interesting to write about. It will continue to have pictures of potential ideas, do-it-yourself crafts, the process of finding vendors we'll ultimately be working with, fun things that involve engagement/marriage/our honeymoon, and anything else I feel like sharing with you.

Our website will be updated as all the work [and yes, it is WORK] blogged about becomes a reality. So when the ideas comes to life and we actually begin to block hotel rooms off, and book our rehearsal dinner, and make a gift registry, and do things that I probably haven't even heard about as of yet -- that's when it'll be added to the website.

So, I suppose that's my answer. Our blog is about the process and our website is about the end product. =)


  1. Michael T. BroganMarch 31, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    Hey, the website and blog is such a neat idea! The set up looks great. I can't wait to see how beautiful you will look hunny. This is also a great way to keep everyone informed : )

  2. aww hunnay!!! I'm so excited you like it! And I'm soo excited to see how I will look, too =)

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