The wedding officiant I emailed has emailed me back with sad news that she is already booked on our wedding day. People are so busy and organized!

However, in her reply she not only supplied us with websites that are geared toward finding the perfect officiant but also gave us a name of someone she works closely with and who is highly respected in the area: Thomas A. Welch. Because she copied him on the email, I received a phone call & voicemail from him this morning saying that he is free for our date. Sean thinks he looks like Sean Connery and I liked his voicemail because his voice has that certain soothing ring to it -- like he was made for public speaking.

We've set up a meeting with him next Saturday. =)

Also, the photographer I recently blogged about Studio Nouveau has emailed me back with an estimate of $3,995 for 5 hours of service. Ummmmm, I just don't think that's reasonable for us.

My mom emailed a photographer who we met at an open house at Lake Pearl: Artistic Expressions. He's responded with a pretty reasonable price. I think he's a strong candidate -- if I can convince Sean to agree.

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