I'm clearly obsessed...

Before I dive head first into the title of this entry, let me announce that we have booked...


Now, let's talk about this title:

Look above at that "graphic" -- do you see it? [our photographer & our officiant]...

I was up until 2AM trying to figure out how other blog writers create those! And then up until 3 being fascinated by my talents and skills [okay, I may have squeezed in a little racing game on XBOX -- Sean's RIGHT -- they are addicting!]

And although I think there has to be an easier, more convenient way to make them [besides, the 15-step process I've found -- okay, okay there may not be that many steps] -- I'm proud to announce that through my perseverance, obvious obsession, a teeny tiny amount of help from the love of my life along with a 3 day weekend which clearly means sleep isn't necessary -- I'm able to create my very own "pretty little phrases... using pretty little fonts". =)

And I'm proud!

I've also switched up "our" blog a bit -- from a new layout, our "About our Blog" and rearranging some things on the right side of the page.

I'm pretty sure there's more to come!

I'm obsessed...

But, mainly I'm just excited.

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