It's been a few days...

Guests’ tables were named with Chinese characters for marriage-themed words, like “wealth” and “luck.” The corresponding symbol appeared on the escort cards.

So, I know, I know -- it's been a few days since "our" last post. Not that I haven't been searching through wedding books, magazines and websites in my "free"-time, [pretty much anytime I'm home...] the problem is - I've seen it all! I'm bored with the same old things.

This is not to say I don't see cute ideas and want to post right away! Sometimes, I do... for example: above! But, lately, I've had so many ideas in my head I'm not sure which ones I can forget about and which ones I want to follow through on. It's a problem!

There are four things I'm trying to focus on:

1. Photographer - we have a meeting with one on Saturday
2. DJ - we're still up in the air on that one...
3. Officiant - we have a meeting with one on Saturday
4. picking a color! I just, cannot, decide

The problem with not having a color is that it really puts a damper on any "DIY" projects because I don't know what colors I want, yet. So, instead of going out and being proactive and getting a major head start on these projects - I just search and search for more ideas leaving all my others behind. So sad.

My immediate goal is to pick a color within the next week. It's just such a decision!

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