Photography ideas!

To save some money we've decided to look into The New England School of Photography in search of a photographer. On their website they have a form that can be filled out about what type of event you're hosting, the style of photography you're interested in, whether you're looking for a student or a graduate student and a box to put all the details about your event. Then they post it on their website and I assume people who are interested in the task would contact us.

I think it's worth at least looking into the prices and artistic abilities of these students and/or graduate students. It definitely won't hurt...

I've also been in contact with two other photographers. Charles Lyons Photography seems more inside our price range than Erin Chapman Imagery although artistically I think I prefer Erin Chapman's style.

Honestly, it all kind of looks the same to me. It all blends together and if the people in the pictures are good-looking it's hard to say it's a bad picture...

I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough!

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