say yes to the dress!

A few months ago, I became obsessed with "Say YES to the Dress" -- after I found my own wedding dress. And even still, when I find myself home from work in time to watch the show at 6:00PM I can't help but glue myself to the TV. It's not because I love wedding dresses so much, or even because I enjoy the agony the bride's family & friends put her through during each new dress [can people please be supportive?] -- but I'm obsessed with the show, because of the idea of a "second" dress, to change into during the reception [for myself, of course].

I watch as a select group of brides walk into the prestigious Kleinfeld's in NYC and reveal that while they've already spent thousands on their ceremony dress they now need a reception dress -- something less appropriate for a church and more appropriate for dancing. I have to admit that seems a little strange to me -- but the purchasing of a second dress... now that idea, I love.

And because it's an idea I've been toying with since I bought my "real" dress -- I have to think that I should look into doing something about it.

At least, try some on. Now I'm not mentioning what my dress looks like because I don't want Sean to know. However, if you know me, you can imagine. As for my second dress, I'd like it to be different than my gown, unique in its' own way, special to me and [of course] inexpensive.


  1. I love this dress! I love the back of it. its soo pretty!! Are you wearing more than one dress that day??

  2. i do, too! i think i'm going to buy another one. only because of what mine is, and maybe i'll get hot, or tired of it. [which, i don't really think will happen]. but i want a back-up plan. ya know?


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