I've been in contact with a DJ and we're in the process of setting up a time to meet and chat! Yay!

Also, my wedding to-do list on The Knot! says I need to get into wedding day shape -- starting now. Although I think it's a little soon, [besides the fact that I've already purchased my dress and cannot lose any weight or it won't fit] I'm going to take that seriously.

By taking it seriously, I mean that my intentions are set to go to my very first yoga class tomorrow. Unless of course: I sleep through it, I forget, or I'm feeling like next week may be a better week to continue with the transformation.

Along with getting into my wedding day body I'd like to announce that I've stopped drinking Coke. =) It's been 14 days today. And while that may or may not seem like a big deal to some, let's just say I've been drinking an awfully unhealthy amount of Coke since I was little. And this is totally a huge deal.

Unfortunately, I've replaced my Coke obsession with Sprite [not so much of it, I swear!]. But because I don't particularly like Sprite and it has no Caffeine I plan on replacing it with water as soon as the 12-pack in the fridge is gone.

Good plan!


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