Where does the money go?

So, luckily [and purposefully] we chose a package through our venue that included a lot of things -- invitations, ceremony, cocktail hour with an open bar and hors d'Oeuvres, reception and a choice between two meals, table linens, a decorated room [however we choose], a limo, a DJ, a videographer, most of our flowers, and our wedding cake. That's a lot, right? I know, and I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

This is not to say that we don't have a choice in our selection of things - just because it comes in our package. We still have to pick and choose every company and every individual to be a part of our day. We still need to meet with them, talk with them, decide whether it'll be a good match and even view their "investment" list [No one calls them their prices -- I suppose we are making an "investment"... because the numbers are SO freakin' high].

One thing not included in our package is a photographer. And at first, we said to each other... "that's okay - we know people!" Unfortunately, we don't know anyone who feels comfortable enough to do our wedding.

SO, I researched all the things you need to ask a photographer and there's even an online checklist to assure yourself you're making the right choice. So I took my links for photographers and I had my checklist on my desktop and I went through the online pages. But you know what? Do you know what's NOT included on my handy-dandy checklist... The Investment we'll be making...

There's no mention of MONEY or BUDGET! So I researched more and EVERYTHING says that if you're going to "splurge" on anything, make it your photos. But you know? I wouldn't say that we are going "splurge" on anything... So I revisited my favorite site The Knot! and found that with our said-budget we should set aside $1,200.00 for a photographer. Okay, well guess what? That number, doesn't even exist between the pages of these sites. I haven't found anything below $1,700.00 and that "investment" doesn't even include a wedding album! What kind of investment is that?!

So, the next trick up my sleeve was/is to look for companies who are offering specials... but even if you factor in their "deals", we aren't going to save what we need to or what we should quite frankly. I mean, come on, not for nothing but everything is digital these days and I don't think any photographer we hire will be slaving away in a dark room somewhere after the wedding. They, most likely, will be in the comfort of their own home, with a laptop in bed, having snacks and watching T.V. while they retouch our photos... worth $1,700.00 - Sean says no.

Dilemma? I think so.

So, I'm thinking... honestly, what's the point? There's going to be pictures of it all because no one, I KNOW, leaves their house without a camera. So my fear is not that I won't have great memories or even great pictures to look at for the rest of our lives... MY FEAR is that I'm going to spend all this money -- because, if that's what you're supposed to do then I'll find the money to spend -- and it's going to be a waste. What if we spend all this money, and then they aren't even flattering pictures? That wouldn't be good...


  1. Hi Jasmine & Sean,
    I'd be more than happy to take pictures at your wedding. I take alot of pictures, but not goods ones. If you get half a dozen or so people to take pictures you"ll have to get some good ones.

    Maybe if you got a professional to take the standard pictures (Jaz & Sean, Jaz & Sean with family members etc. )only it would be cheaper, then the nonprofessionals could take pictures at the reception. Just a thought.

    Let me know if I can be of any help,
    Jeanne Marie Stringos

  2. Hi Jeanne!

    Aww thanks! I know that soo many people will be taking pictures and that's why I'm so hesitant to pay someone to take them professionally. But, now we're looking into finding a student from the New England School of Photography or something like that, and price out what they would cost!

    Those are really good ideas, too! And it's so good to hear from you!


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