Back from California!

I'm back from Chelsey's shower! It was beautiful and so well put together and so exciting to be a part of!

I took so many pictures it's hard to decide which to post!

We started the shower at 1 and had lunch with amazing desserts!

We played a Newlywed Game that consisted of questions previously answered by Tucker that Chelsey then had to answer as if she were him -- the punishment for every wrong answer... a piece of bubblegum. She sure had a lot by the end of the game!

After the game, it was time for gifts! My job [as a bridesmaid!] was to make the rehearsal dinner bouquet out of all the ribbon from all the gifts. End result...

It was so much fun!

I can't wait for mine!!

And, it was so inspiring to see her open all her gifts that when I got home I decided -- I want to register!

So, I'm looking into where I should and I [may] have started doing so. =)


  1. everything look amazing! Upload pics on FB so I can see them all :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures and for bringing out my gift.

  3. You're welcome, Christine!

    Lindsey... I will attempt to upload pics to fb but I usually don't have patience to do so... but I'll try!


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