I'm back...

...from scrapbooking!

I'll take pictures of my engagement album and post them tomorrow. =)

We're meeting with our DJ two weeks from today to sign a contract and discuss details. Which makes the next thing we have to do [in the near future -- according to Christina's] is figure out: transportation!


The next topic on the agenda tonight is the fact that The Knot! says I have 366 things left on my to-do list. Which seems like a little much...

But their immediate goals for me seem a little more broad:

1. Get organized! Start a notebook/file folder to house all your wedding-planning paperwork in one place, browse our Wedding Planning Basics area, and download The Knot Toolbar for easy access to all your online planning tools.

2. Let friends and family know you're engaged. Send them a just-engaged video Ecard and submit an engagement announcement to the local newspaper. You may also want to have your engagement photos taken in time for this.

3. Start taking better care of yourself. Get in wedding day shape by eating right, joining a gym, and/or even hiring a personal trainer.

Let me tell you...

1. I'm all over the notebook/file folder and carry it everywhere I go.

2. I love "letting" family and friends know we're engaged -- and if the Ecards were cuter I'd be all over that, too. But once we have engagement photos taken [yes, we still need a place!] we'll announce it to everyone!

3. I mean, I've given up drinking Coke... for now, that will have to do!

Now, let me leave you with this:

So cute!


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