One more craft!

I admit, blogging is a major obsession of mine but I must reveal a secret...

I haven't been blogging much because another obsession that I have has taken over my days for the past week.


Yes. Currently, I'm in the White Mountains -- at a resort called Purity Springs... along with 42 other fellow scrapbookers. We've taken over the resort and other than the mandatory "group photo" it's been a rather relaxing, successful and time-consuming weekend [so far].

Which is why, I've been slacking on the blog. I had to get ready for this weekend -- and all my preparation has taken over my ability to stare at the pages of The Knot! all day and night long.

I have finished a book and figured I'd sneak in an update now since I have internet but no cell service to call Sean.

After lunch, I'm going to start our engagement book. And if the pages turn out well then I'll take pictures of each page and upload them to the blog. =)

Happy Scrapping! =)

P.S.: Oh, and regular blog updates should resume on Monday.

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  1. hope you are having fun! come home! i miss you.


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