What to do... what to do...

Like I said, I'm completely inspired to register for gifts. It's very hard to imagine what our house apartment should look like. Do I we want it to be modern, or classic, colorful or plain, monochromatic or crazily bold? Should we register for all types of wine/margarita/martini glasses?... Even though we don't drink any of those drinks. Should we really register for 12 place settings even though we've never even had 2 guests at the same time... and have never had anyone over for a meal. These are hard decisions! Don't get me wrong... I've definitely began the process -- but until I figure out what it is I we want "our" style to be, I won't reveal where...

There are a couple of things on my to-do list...

1. Location/Date for engagement shoot.
2. Set up a time when at least some bridesmaids can try on some dresses =)
3. Figure out Save The Dates... style, names/addresses, stamps, pictures, etc,.
4. Put together an "inspiration" folder


  1. We should register for stuff WE want. :) When have we ever had a martini?

  2. Well, maybe we would have martinis if we had martini glasses....


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