Blog Post #100

This is our 100th blog entry! =) Fancy, huh?

I just completed a quiz on Martha Stewart's website about my Wedding Etiquette IQ. I would like to announce that I got an 8 out of 10 on her quiz. However, I feel as though I was poorly graded on the two questions I got wrong!

The first question I missed was about wedding day transportation. Now, I always thought this was the groom's job but through reading her site I read that the bride or bride's family is responsible for transportation -- so that's how I answered the question. But I shouldn't have second-guessed myself because my first instinct was correct and because I changed my mind at the last second: I answered wrong.

The second & final question I got wrong but I still stand by my answer. The question was: Is it acceptable for a guest at a wedding to wear white? I, of course, answered: No, white is reserved for the bride only.


I don't think that's right. I don't think it should be acceptable & I won't appreciate someone wearing something completely white to my wedding. *Bridezilla moment officially over*

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