I love planning!

Today we stopped at Judy's Village Flowers and I set up an appointment to meet with her about the possibility of working with her store for the wedding. I can't wait until July 15th!

We also tried to map out the mileage between Christina's and hotels in the area. We stopped at the Holiday Inn Express in Foxboro which was very, very close, clean and nice. It seemed perfect for what I'm going for. The rooms are equipped with plenty of things... tv's, fridges, microwaves... they're spacious and very affordable. This hotel actually seemed like the most fantastic thing in the world until...

We stopped at the Renaissance Marriot hotel at Patriot Place [right next to Gillette Stadium]. Now this hotel was gorgeous. Anything you can imagine... was in this hotel. It was seriously perfect and they were friendly and honest.

The catch...

Because it's right next to Gillette Stadium [which is home to the Patriots but also a very popular concert venue] IF [by chance] there happens to be an event on the day/night of our wedding [which sadly is very likely - because July's prime concert season] the hotel charges an overnight parking fee of $50 per car EVEN if you're a guest at the hotel. Now this charge is on top of a relatively high room rate. So I guess that's what we're contemplating now. On the upside, neither of these hotels charge a fee to book a room block. So if I choose to ask them each to hold 10 rooms and they all don't book, we don't owe a penny -- the rooms just go back into the hotel inventory for the general public. So we wouldn't lose out on anything.

But then again, if there's no event -- there's no parking fee. And if there's no event, the room block rate is pretty affordable. Unfortunately, both hotels asked me to wait to book room blocks until they find out the events in the area which will be posted in the fall. At that time, they will be able to give me the right numbers and I can book as many rooms as I want.

I think it was successful...

I also got a name of a company that works with the hotels at organizing shuttle services. So that's the next thing we'll look into!

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