June, To-do's...

Some of you may [or may not] know that we have a very busy summer ahead of us! In about a week I'm off to California for Chelsey & Tucker's wedding. Sean will join me about a week & a half later and we'll return in the middle of July. We'll be home for about a week and then we're off to Seattle for Joe & Kim's wedding! By the time we get back it'll be August and before I know it, I'll be back to work and that means our countdown will be at about 10 months. Can you believe that?! The time will fly...

Because of this, I'm choosing to do as much as I can in this next week. Because, CLEARLY, time is passing! So first things first...

Flowers: I need to decide which flower shop I'll go with. I have a package [thankfully] but I can still choose the specific store and I need to find out what the money allotment for the flowers actually is. I need to find out which flowers will be in season and which ones I want. These are big choices! I'm about 98.5% sure I want pink.

Hotels: Proper etiquette says to book off room blocks at three separate hotels. I don't know how necessary that is but I do need to go look into the hotels around Christina's. I know a few offer the bride & groom a free night -- but I don't know if any require money down to block off rooms. So I need to find out the terms and conditions and things like shuttle services, parking fees, prices, etc.

DJ: We have the DJ and he's perfect! But we were asked to make an on-going list of must-play songs and a list of do-not-play songs. I haven't really gotten started but I think I should... I mean, music is the most important part of the whole event [besides the marriage itself, of course].

I love being busy!

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