My DIY wishlist!

I've decided I need to compile a list of must-have DIY projects for the ceremony & reception. The more I look at things, though -- the more confused and ambitious I become.

These are things I know I want:

1. Ceremony programs - I've seen such cute ones on sites like Wedding Wire & Wedding Bee. I've seen large ones and teeny-tiny ones. One was shaped like an accordion! It was adorable! I've also seen ones that include a little tissue packet inside for all the tears the guests will [inevitably] shed during the ceremony!

2. Fans for each seat - Because the ceremony will outside, in July -- maybe this will help? Well, probably not... but they're so cute! A cute engagement picture and a nice love quote with some elegant design in the corner! I can picture it now...

3. Celtic Rope: [for the "tying the knot" ceremony] - I'd continue to explain, but it would just take away from the cuteness of the actual ceremony. So look it up if you'd like -- or be surprised =)

4. Wine box: [for the "wine box" ceremony] - Same as #3... it's so cute =)

5. Menu cards - I really like the idea of letting guests know what they'll be eating. I like when the menu cards are circles but I also like when they are rectangular and placed inside the cloth napkins. I can't decide which I'll do yet...

6. Card box - I really like the idea of having the card box look like the wedding cake. I've seen some on Martha's site and I just LOVE them!

7. Creative table names - I already know what I'm going to do here. But for the element of surprise I'd rather not disclose the info on the blog. It's really cute though! And it's still something that will take a while to complete!

8. Fancy escort cards - I really have no idea what I want to do here! I'm opened to suggestions. I think I might be confused though... do I need escort cards?!

9. "I spy" game - I love the idea of giving the few younger guests at the wedding a camera and an "I spy" list of things to take pictures of! It will keep them occupied and will allow us to have even more pictures of the reception!

10. Place settings - I LOVE the idea of small name tags attached to each champagne glass at the table settings of each of the guests. And if I do this... I feel like I'll need escort cards even less.... Right?!

This is my wish-list so far... but I'm sure I'll continue to add to it!

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