Oh my goodness...

I know, I know -- I'm slacking on the blog posts! It's so hard to think of something interesting and poignant every day. I haven't stopped researching... but nothing seems to be good enough, long enough, or elaborate enough to justify a post.

But I have something today! It's not something I just came across... it's something that I wrote off a while ago because of the cost. Not to say that I'm bringing it up again because we've suddenly come into money -- no, no, no. I'm bringing it up because I like the idea and I really enjoy the thought behind it.

The Boston String Quartet

IMAGINE! Having them during our ceremony! How romantic and sweet and cute! I love that they will play any song you can think of! What a great idea... OF COURSE it would be so expensive.. =(

Oh, well...

It's the weekend, so hopefully there will be more posts to come!

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