A small update...

So I'm a little sad because I've been feeling like I can't do much more right now. I still have so much time before our big day and I've already done so much...

But! Today I emailed our photographer in an effort to set-up a date to shoot our engagement photos! So more on that, once I hear back.

I also emailed Tenara, at Christina's, to let her know our list of names & vendors we've chosen to work with. And asked her a couple questions that have been on a running list I keep... =)

We [and by we - I mean my mom, Barb & me, and I know it's not proper etiquette] have also been working on possibly setting dates for an Engagement Party =) and my shower =)

I know, it's a little early, I want to give people a heads up, ya know? So maybe people have more of a chance to come! =)

I've also been keeping a running list of cute ideas I want to include at the wedding but part of me is hesitant on giving out too much info on our blog. I mean, I want some surprises!

So, don't assume, because I'm not posting that I'm not researching and obsessing -- because I certainly am. Just ask Sean. =)

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