Some cuteness!

How cute is this?! Unfortunately, the bride who did this only had twenty people at her wedding so I suppose making these was pretty quick & easy. But I have so much time that I think I could do this, too! It could be a great DIY project and all I would need are those little chains, tags and stamps. And someone I know probably has at least some of those supplies [if not all]. It would be so adorable to have them on the champagne toast glasses!

I think I may have posted these a while ago, but I came across them again and they're so cute! Maybe not for the wedding... but for an engagement party or a bridal shower -- they could be perfect!

Pretty?! I love the peonies and the clear place cards are so nice. I love the way these flowers look and how big & full they are! I think they're amazing! And the vase is beautiful too! I'm not sure if I want things to be silver, though. I like the pinks/coppers/golds more. But my problem is that the silverware/utensils will probably be silver... so it will not match my decor. So maybe that means I'll have to add silver other places so the utensils don't stick out as much. Hmmm.

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