We're back!

Well, I'm back from looking at dresses! And what a fun day!!

We had a successful day! [I think...] It's such a hard decision... Here's some photos of our day...

This purple dress was a favorite! Actually it was my second favorite of the store but looking back at the pictures -- it's my favorite!

They didn't have Tessa's size - so that's why she's holding it up in the back and doesn't look that comfortable. But it's a really nice dress & comes with straps if you'd like [how's that, Emily?!] =)

This black one, was my absolute favorite in the store because it was so shiny! But looking at pictures, I'm nervous it's too shiny! I think the camera flash catches the fabric at the wrong places... =(

Tessa is wearing the same dress as Lindsey in the picture above, but in a different color because they didn't have black! It's a little long & big... but could always be altered. She agreed it was a favorite. AND it has pockets!

♥ ♥ ♥

Well, those were the two picks of the day [at David's Bridal]... we had some other [less successful] dress picks [some of which were orange & yellow] -- but being the curtious bride-to-be that I am -- I'll refrain from posting the less flattering dresses =)

Here are the dresses from the website:

David's Bridal: 83312

David's Bridal: 83707

We also went to Emilia Creations in Lexington, but weren't allowed [or didn't feel comfortable] taking any pictures. So, sadly... we don't have any.

The dresses we tried on there were Bari Jay dresses and although they were very beautiful -- they're pretty expensive -- so I don't know that they are very realistic dress choices.

What do you think of the dresses?!


  1. Had a lot of fun today :)

  2. LOVE the dress :) cant wait to go back and try it on again yaya

  3. I love it, too!!!

    & I had so much fun!

  4. I know this was a while ago, but I haven't checked your blog in a while - love those dresses and thank you for the straps inclusion! Linds and Tess look very cute.

  5. Emily!

    I'm glad you like them! I knew you would appreciate the straps =)


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