What a great idea!

Sunscreen for Outdoor Weddings

From Martha: "Sure, the bride is supposed to be blushing, but no one wants her guests to start turning pink at an outdoor ceremony. The solution? Sunblock wipes. These cleverly packaged towelettes can be placed outside, and since they're not liquid, they won't cause a mess. Set them on the program table, or in a compote or candy dish tied with ribbon. To let people know they've got it made in the shade, write sunscreen on a scalloped card and prop it up amongst the packets. Calligraphy by Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls."


  1. hate is a little harsh :)

    I like the idea for an outdoor wedding

  2. Well, I was told to have an option of not liking what I post... so hate it works well.

    I like this idea, also!


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