Gift excitement!

I'm happy to announce that we received our very first official engagement gift today. =)

Now when my aunt Susan gave me this gift this morning -- I had every intention of waiting for Sean to open it. I carried it to the car, sat it beside me, held it up the stairs to my apartment and put it down on the counter.

Unfortunately, sometime between switching the laundry and making myself mac & cheese, my curiosity got the best of me [it was a long day, okay?].

At first, I told myself I would only open the card -- that's it! But the card was so cute... I just had to see what was inside the box! Do you blame me?!

I opened the gift carefully... thinking that I should probably be careful not to rip the paper in case I should feel guilty about getting the first peek and I should suddenly get the urge to re-wrap the present so that Sean could have the same "first engagement present" experience as me.

But then I realized... that's a little crazy.

So I excitedly finished the job! And this is what we got!

How cute is this!?

I'm so excited! Especially since raspberry lemonade is my new obsession... and now I can make my very own with our new Fruit Infusion pitcher! It allows you to use fresh fruit to flavor your water, iced tea or lemonade! You just put the fruit in the rod and the open slots toward the bottom allows for the fruits to mix naturally with any liquid you choose to have in the pitcher! I love it!

Sean was very excited about it, too!

Even though it was so much fun to open our first present today... from now on, I'm going to wait and open all our presents together! It'll add to the excitement. After all, the gifts are for both of us! =)

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