Oh, Judy.

When I went to the LA flower district with Chelsey last week -- she pointed out that most of the flowers I was looking at were orchids.

So [with high hopes] I went to the flower shop today holding in the back of my mind how beautiful those pink orchids were at the flower market. Unfortunately, once we got there -- I found out something. Orchids are expensive...

Therefore, I'm sorry -- you're beautiful but completely unnecessary.

So... I went on to my next flower love....

Going into this appointment, I knew -- I was positive -- that the flowers I wanted most of all were Gerbera Daisies. I wanted daisies everywhere. My bouquet, my bridesmaids bouquets, my table centerpieces... I just can't get enough of them! I think they're cute, and fun and exciting.

Unfortunately, cute & fun & exciting are not the adjectives that I originally had in mind when planing the wedding. So I had a slight panic attack [and a slightly crushed heart] but then she showed me the most beautiful flower arrangement I have ever seen! And my whole vision of the wedding changed!

Amazing? Amazing...

Pink Calla Lilies! Who knew?! The color pink I'm thinking about choosing is a little different than this picture here... but it's beautiful!

Pictures weren't allowed to be taken in the shop but I wish I could have so I could display the correct color of the flowers! =(

Here's the run-down... =)

Our package at our venue includes all the guest table centerpieces and table arrangements [like our sweetheart table, cake table, guest book table, etc.], my bouquet, my toss bouquet, my maid of honor bouquet, two bridesmaids bouquets, two mother corsages, and six boutonnieres. Because of the size of our wedding party, this means we have to pay additional money for three other bouquets [for the bridesmaids], five other boutonnieres for the groomsmen and fathers, and four corsages for our grandmothers. As you can imagine -- this will be costly. =(

As of right now, the flower choices I have in mind are white and pink calla lilies for my bouquet and all pink calla lilies for the bridesmaids bouquets. Sean will have a white calla lily on his jacket and the groomsmen and fathers will have a pink calla lily. The mothers and grandmothers will have a choice between a wrist corsage or a small bouquet of pink calla lilies and our table centerpieces will be [pink] mixed seasonal flowers [like the picture but brighter!] including calla lilies and roses [oh, and others!].

To sum up this very successful [and eye-opening] day: I'm thoroughly excited about my new found love for calla lilies, slightly saddened that orchids are so expensive and positively certain that gerbera daisies will be EVERYWHERE during my bridal shower. =)


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