Sunny weather makes me smile.

Nice weather this weekend means that we can move forward with our plans to have our engagement shoot on Sunday. That is very exciting.

The not-so-exciting part [& maybe the difficult part] is that we need to figure out what to wear and what not to wear...

I've read on websites to stick to solid colors because patterns go out of style quickly and [twenty years from now] I don't want to be embarrassed about the outfit I wore.

I've read that we shouldn't be too "matchy-matchy"... but at the same time we need to somewhat coordinate so we don't clash.

And, I've read that we shouldn't be too dressed up if that's not how we normally dress -- which it isn't -- because it's important to be comfortable and look comfortable.

So, along with a project for the bridesmaids that I'll be completing and sending out in the next few days... I'm going to buy someone a new outfit. Something tells me a black metal band t-shirt and a faded Transformers hat won't do.

No, no. It won't do.

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