Weekend Update!

I know I've posted these before but I think these shoes would be a perfect item for my something blue! My only concern is that I need shoes with a bit of a heel so that I don't have to hem my dress. But they would be perfect shoes to change into during the reception! I could dance the night away... as long as I don't trip on my dress, that is.

Yesterday, Lizzie came to David's Bridal with me to try on the bridesmaid dress. It looked really great on her! I thought it was going to be huge but it fit pretty well. I'm so excited!

Let's see... what else is new?

I'm in the process of putting something together for all my bridesmaids that I hope to get finished before my trip to Seattle this Wednesday. We'll see... we'll see. More on that once it's sent out, of course!

I'm getting really excited about our engagement photo shoot which is scheduled for the first of August. I'm not really sure what to wear but I know I'll figure it out soon enough!

I've also asked Christina's if I could come in this week to look at the ceremony area now that it's summer and the flowers have [most likely] bloomed. Last time I was there, it was cold and there were definitely no flowers in sight. So I'd love to see what I can expect for next year around this time. We'll see... we'll see.


  1. hey! flats are such a good thing for the reception... i had gold 4-inch heels for the ceremony and changed into gold flip flops for the reception, SO much better! my dress didn't have a bustle but my mom rigged it up so it stayed up a bit higher when i wore the flats, but who cares? just hold your dress up if you have to... your feet with thank you!
    xo meg

  2. I completely agree! I really think flats are the way to go!

  3. What a fun time! I am engaged too and I love it.

  4. Congrats, Mandy!! I love being engaged, also! It's so much fun!


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