Etiquette says...

So, I know technically, I'm not supposed to be involved in the planning process of my bridal shower. Etiquette, apparently says -- I'm not supposed to assume I'm having one, not supposed to ask for one, and if someone does offer to host a shower for me then I should have nothing to do with it except offer a guest list.

I'm all for that. Sort of.

Except: I know I'm having one & I know that I'll be more involved in the process than perhaps other brides tend to be. I also know that mothers are not supposed to host the shower because it looks as if the two are just trying to get gifts! But we're not following that either. So...

Because of my apparent disregard & rebellion against bridal shower etiquette, I've been looking up bridal showers & admiring pictures of bridal showers for a few days now.

It all started when my mom told me about an "around the clock" shower. I had never heard of such a thing! But I think it's great. In case, you're like me, and need an explanation: each guest is assigned a time of day [it would tell their time on their invite], say 8 am -- and that guest would then bring a gift the bride would use at 8 am -- like maybe a coffee maker. Another guest, could get the time of 6 pm and then they would bring a gift the bride would use at that time -- like pots or pans or dishes. Another way to do it, would be assigning names rather than numeric times so breakfast time, dinner time, baking time, entertaining time, etc.

Isn't it cute?!

I'm not saying, I need this... but I do think it's one of the cutest ideas, ever.


  1. oh i love it! i'm all about surprises so i want nothing to do with planning my shower :-) although i wish i could design the invites!

  2. ah! you're stronger than i am! i want to know everything haha


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