Great finds!

I would love to have these made for us! They're so cute, functional & unique! I would love, love, love to buy them... or receive them as a gift. [hint, hint!] =)

Speaking of gifts... I'm starting to think more about our registry options.

People have been asking those important questions: have you registered? where did you register? where will you be registering?

And the truth is, we have... but I'm so indecisive about my our choices that I'm so hesitant about revealing the answers to those questions in fear they may actually go out and purchase something off our registry that I we will soon decide I we no longer enjoy, like or need.

Like I've asked before... do we really need 8 place settings of fine china && everyday china -- if we don't have room to store them, never have guests over and only have two chairs at our table?... And of course, I know the correct answer: Yes. Because down the line, when you have a house and larger cabinets you'll enjoy that dinner set that was given to you as a wedding gift.

But I have to admit, right now, I don't get it. =(

And, I wish I did.

But, I've decided to pick a date and after that date if the questions are asked... you know the ones... have you registered? and where?... I will answer them honestly, rather than "oh, not yet..."

=) We'll see what happens.

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