If the shoe fits... put it back in the box for the wedding day!

You may or may not remember that one of the things pretty high up on someone's wedding wish list is the ability to wear these shoes sneakers during the ceremony & reception.

Now, I have to admit these shoes have a special place in my heart as well. I don't remember Sean ever wearing another shoe -- in the winter I beg him to wear boots & on special occasions I remind him to wear his dress shoes [which he refers to as his pilgrim shoes]... but by choice & routine these shoes are on his feet from morning to night, weekday to weekend, work to play. He wears them so often that he's gone through four pairs of these very shoes since we've been together.

Because of his attachment to these shoes -- we knew they had to make an appearance in the engagement pictures as well. But on Saturday morning we looked down at his feet and saw seven-month old, ratty, torn, dirty sneakers and realized -- that will not do.

We ran to the store to buy a new pair and decided that rather than continue to wear these brand new spiffy-sneaks... they should be put back in the box only to be taken out again on the day of the wedding. The upside: we're saving money, we already have his shoes & he loves them. Three positive things out of one purchase makes everything a little brighter.

Along with his kicks, he sported jeans, a black shirt and a black Redsox hat.

I ended up wearing extremely casual clothes. While I'd love to say that dresses and stilettos are what I feel most comfortable in -- it'd be a lie. I always feel like my dress is too short even if it's below my knees and my shoes always feel too high even if they're flats. I'm just not a fancy-clothes-type girl. And when I try, I feel as though pictures can always capture exactly how uncomfortable I am.

So, I opted for metallic ballet flats, dark jeans, a gray short-sleeved shirt with a black tank top underneath. OBVIOUSLY, I wore my ring but my other jewelry included sapphire earring studs and a silver bracelet.

I, not only, enjoyed my outfit -- but I felt completely comfortable and satisfied that in five years I won't regret my clothing choice because its' since gone out of style.

Successful? I think so...

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