I'm obsessed...

As soon as our engagement pictures come in the mail, I'll be able to post more of them -- but until then, I'll post a few every so often.

Let me tell you, it's pretty difficult to copy a picture off a website that has made it nearly impossible to do so. I'm assuming it's set up this way in order to discourage you from taking the pictures -- I'm sure they'd prefer the pictures to be purchased rather than stolen.

However, this website is no match for me. It takes a while [or four more steps than usual] but I was successful.

Tonight, I choose 26 prints out of the 193 to have shipped to us. I choose 17 color pictures and 9 black & white ones. Of course, we'll order more -- the online gallery is available for one year -- but until I figure out what I'm actually going to do with them, I decided just to get a few [for showing off].

Because the prints are $2.25 for colors and $2.54 for black & whites, I we had to be cautious with how many I we ordered right away. They obviously come out of the wedding fund... but I didn't want to diminish this month's contribution on photos -- and photos alone.

After all, for .19 cents I can print them through CVS. Sure... the quality will be less than perfect.

I'm torn... should the higher quality prints go inside frames and the lesser quality prints be kept aside for scrapbooking? Or the other way around...

Hmm -- decisions, decisions.


  1. Aw, cute picture! I know what you mean, you only need so many pictures of yourself hanging around but I just love engagement and wedding pictures so much! :)

  2. thanks!

    i know! i can't wait to take more & more pictures!

  3. I LOVE your pic!! Its so cute!!

    Love the blog!!


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