It's all in the tunes.

Last night, while searching for something to watch on tv, I gave the Mr. in my life two choices: Bridezillas or The Wedding Singer. [Notice a theme?]

So, we watched Adam Sandler [for probably the thousandth time] as a groom left at the altar which clearly affected his career as a wedding singer... who would want to sing about love to people who are in love... in a state like that?

And while I [obviously] enjoy the movie because let's face it I watch it often [it's always on tv plus I own the dvd]... it suddenly made me realize that I'm supposed to be putting together a list of songs for our wedding! Of course, I have a running list... but I had forgotten all about it.

And while my musical genius of a fiance could write a song for us, that would be more appropriate for our wedding than, say:

...that lovely song written by the wedding singer himself -- there are certain songs I love so much & just can't wait to hear played at our wedding.

My problem with music is that, "we" as a couple are drawn to music. In every sense of it... I'm drawn to lyrics and Sean's drawn to the instruments. It's very hard to find a song that falls into the "good" music category we both hold near to our hearts.

And while I couldn't tell you the difference [or care about the difference] between a bass guitar vs. a guitar; real singing vs. auto-tune; or talented musicians vs. computer generated pop songs -- someone in this household can and does.

What do I care about? Lyrics. For me, it's all about lyrics. When the words make a difference, when you remember where you were & what you were doing the very first time you heard them. Lyrics that make you feel exactly how the singer felt as they wrote them and lyrics that truly embody the real emotions: love, happiness, sadness, loneliness, etc,. That's what matters to me.

Now, to find songs that are qualified for both us is a hard task in itself. But to find songs that are suitable by both us -- that are "wedding song" appropriate is nearly impossible.

If it's a well-written song, the lyrics usually aren't about love and if the lyrics are everything I imagine them to be -- the instruments most likely are severely lacking. Problem.

But I thought I'd share some songs that I love. Songs that meet my every expectation of what music should do. Songs that I would love to have played at our wedding. Songs that mean so much to me & songs that I remember where I was and what I was doing when I first heard them.


But let's be honest... for a wedding -- any lyrics are better than these:

Happy Monday!

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