A lil bit of everything.

I have to admit that my lack of posts come from not really having anything wedding related to share -- and my return back to work [which takes a lot out of you after 3 months of nothing].

Although, I feel I have nothing to bring to our wedding blog -- I've been keeping busy.

First: Please pardon our coffee table. Every piece of furniture in our place has been given to us, "saved" from the dumpster, or was considered a "steal" from a yard sale. Because of this, it's all taken its toll. This table has had one to many experiences with children -- hence the scratches.

Second: Let's focus on what's on the table. Each piece of paper has a name on it. Add up all the pieces and I have my guest list -- so far. I found I kept making lists in notebook, on the computer or using The Knot, but to write each name out on a separate piece of paper really puts how many people will be in attendance into perspective. The names toward the bottom of the picture are people who I really want to sit with all the people in the columns above them but a table of seventeen isn't really practical.

It's also an easier way to set up the seating chart. Instead of erasing, crossing out or starting over -- you can pick up a name and move it over. So simple.

Of course, someone was wondering where their drink should be laid down so my guest list/seating chart project had to be taken apart and stored in a ziploc. Which is fine. I took very detailed pictures so I wouldn't forget my brilliant plans.

Barb found these music note place card holders and I think they'd be perfect! Instead of using them for individual place cards, I would like to use them to hold up table names [which will be names of songs!]. I'm trying to figure out if they'd be too short/small to be used this way but I thought if the table names were printed on a larger piece of card stock my vision could come true.

Their price is decent but they're on back order so I haven't made any purchases.

Even though, I really want to!

Wedding Paper Divas is having a sale and it's inspiring me to buy something. Unfortunately I don't have a need to buy anything...

We'll see what happens...

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