My First Bridesmaid Newsletter!

One of the first DIY-projects I saw on Wedding Bee that I knew I wanted to include during my planning process was a bridesmaid newsletter.

So, I searched & searched online for a template. I wanted a cute and fun background to use so I could fill in all my important information for the girls. I had visions of pink & white and fancy fonts and fun shapes covering the pages.

Sadly, I couldn't find that many templates & of those I did find -- there were none that fulfilled my vision for the newsletter. So, I made one.

I don't possess strong computer skills, and I wouldn't say that I necessarily made a newsletter in the proper program... in the simplest way possible. But I made a template, that made me smile, in one of the programs I learned to use while in college: Microsoft Power Point.

It allowed me to use different shapes, fun fonts, add pictures with captions, as well as change & move & tilt & move [again] everything on the page!

I tried to do all this in Word at first, but it just wasn't functional. Once you hit paste -- it's stuck and for a "work in progress", that's exactly what you don't want to happen!

So here's my project... and I have to say, I love how it came out!

If you've forgotten who my girls are, check out this post from a few months ago and the DIY-craft that took place in order to ask them to be my bridesmaids. =)

I know these pictures are pretty hard to read... I attempted to take a picture and then upload it, but this version of a jpeg file looked [if you can believe it] more clear than the iPhone [gasps!].

In case it only looks clear to me [because I already know what it's supposed to look like...] the first page consists of what I thought was really important "stuff". I wrote a thank you to all my bridesmaids to let each of them know how much it means to me that they said "yes!" to my proposal to them!

I included all the wedding day details: date & time & place, a small blurb about our venue & the rest of the vendors we've already "hired" - I guess you could say.

The second page was information about the boys in the wedding party. None of my girls have met any of his boys and while I think boys are better about being thrown down the aisle with anybody [as long as they aren't the one saying "I do"]... I think girls are a little more curious as to who they may or may not be arm & arm with up and down the aisle.

Just like I have a matron & a maid of honor, Sean has two best men: his younger & older brother. For them [since they will be my family now] I included a few brief sentences about them with their pictures. For the rest of the boys, I made sure to write their first name as well as their relationship to Sean.

The third page was all about the dress! Not mine, SILLY! Call me, old-fashioned, but that baby is packaged, locked away & is only being revealed to family in person. Which means this page is about the bridesmaid dress!

I included all the important info about the dress: where they could buy it, the style number, the price & the perks [detachable straps & pockets!]. I also used pictures from the website of the dress as well as pictures of two of my bridesmaids in the dress during our first "find the dress" outing.

The last page was filled with phone numbers and emails to stay in touch, the potential date for my shower [given by my mom & aunt], pictures and details about the bridesmaids bouquets, a few questions I feel I need answered to fulfill my hope in getting gifts that fit and are useful, and what I'm planning to do next.

I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I think it was successful & plan on sending out another one in December. =)


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