Not everything's fun & games.

I'm going through a time of regret.

Not about anything big, life-altering or [tremendously] important.

The groom is perfect, the venue is fantastic and my dress is stunning. I swear.

My teeny-tiny, itty-bitty dilemma involves the invitations.

Here's the story: Our package includes our invitations which [clearly] saves a lot of money because those darn things are pretty expensive. We have over 600 choices to choose from [that's right, six hundred]!

But the more & more I look at save the dates on Wedding Paper Divas... the more & more I want our save the dates to match our invitations. You may think, "so, order save the dates through the same company your invites will come from!"... but that's just not possible. They don't have that many options for save the dates and the ones they offer just aren't what I'm we're looking for.

Obviously, I could pick invites [from the company] and save the dates [from Wedding Paper Divas] that match -- perfectly. As in the same style, pattern, color, etc., -- but I feel like they wouldn't & couldn't be perfect and that's not good enough.

So I contacted our coordinator through our venue and she told me that the option to take out the invites from the package is allowed but that it would cost us a lot more in the end to do our own invitations. So, that's not really an option, either. =(

Which brings us to the dilemma.

We have time on our side, which is great.

Time to think. Time to plan. Time to hope something changes.

And time to accept that things probably won't change... but that's okay.


  1. we had completely different save the dates than invites, and really, you're the only one who will notice! maybe they go on someone's fridge for a few months then they probably get thrown away, unless they're the bridal party's family :)

  2. I totally agree with jacin and think you can definitely have different save the dates (the ones that will make you happy) and go with an invite from the package!

    Do what you guys want and will make you happy!!


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