Paper Source

Like many others, I seem to have found a special place in my heart for Paper Source. It's a store that, literally, has everything and seems to leave nothing behind.

For instance, the store in Wellesley has an entire back room devoted to envelopes. You may think... how many envelopes could there possibly be?

However, don't be fooled.


They have every size, shape and color imaginable. I bought these for my first mailing out to my bridesmaids.

#10 open ended envelopes, in fuchsia!

I bought a few packs since I plan to send out a couple more things to my girls and would like to remain consistent with the envelopes I use.

I can't wait to show you what I sent inside these fancy envelopes!


  1. i have at LEAST 4 posts designated to PS - it's the best!!

  2. definitely making the drive to PS! i want some decorative paper for my invitation suite. :-)

  3. check out the workshop they have coming up on thursday! http://jacinandpat.blogspot.com/2010/08/another-great-paper-shop-workshop-is.html

  4. It's amazing!!

    I was thinking about going to the workshop! It looks like so much fun!


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