Practice, practice, practice

The most amazing thing about planning a wedding now [I think!] is that I could virtually do it through the computer screen -- while laying on my couch.

Though, I've absolutely enjoyed bridal shows, visiting venue after venue, meeting with djs & photographers & photo booth rentals & officiants & florists, and traveling to hotels to find the best room block rates -- I have to admit that I LOVE being able to do things on the laptop, as well.

For instance, look at this save the date! After finding the website, choosing a layout, uploading a few pics & changing the font/size/color of the wording -- this was my [slightly time-consuming] but completely gorgeous outcome! I didn't even have to move! How can you go wrong?!

It's a mock-up. It's not the final... I don't know what style we'll choose or which pictures we'll include... the wording may be different -- we haven't decided. But when boredom overcomes me [& when there's nothing on tv or left on our dvr] -- I'm glad I can rely on Wedding Paper Divas to fulfill my time... while lounging in my pj's.

And, hey - practice makes perfect. Right?


  1. oohhhh!!!! it came out perfect!!! when i first glanced i thought you were showing what you ordered online or something - you did an awesome job!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! (And that rock; wow!)
    Just found your blog through Kristina's; be sure to check out the weekly column I write on the Wedding Stories blog:

    Have a fab wkdn :)


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