The sun is hot...

...even if the breeze feels cool.

Luckily, for me, the wedding is still 11 months away. Which is a great thing -- because our vacation to Maine this past weekend apparently allowed me to resort back to my 16 year old ways of thinking I don't need sunscreen, ever.

And even though, the sun was bright -- I held close to the idea that sunscreen was unnecessary because "I was cold" due to the ocean breeze.

Looking back at the day by the water -- I was pretty stupid. I now have red arms and a red chest [thanks to bare minerals spf my face is okay]. But when I say red -- I mean RED.

It's not even. It's not cute. It's not healthy.

So, let it be said, that this is the last summer of my life I go a day without sunscreen. If this were to happen next summer before the big day I'd probably have a breakdown. Maybe even a "bridezilla"-meltdown.

So MD skincare sunscreen. You're my best friend. And I devote myself to you for life... [or until something better comes along]. You understand, right?

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