When scrapbooking meets wedding planning.

I'd like to think of myself as a dedicated scrapbooker. I have a closet filled with supplies, shelves lined with completed scrapbooks, and enjoy spending countless time and dollars at Michaels... oh, and remember that 3-day weekend I spent back in May doing this?

Well, part of being able to say that I have a closet filled with supplies -- from my countless time and money spent at Michaels [& other smaller scrapbook stores] is due in part because I buy things with absolutely no vision of how I'm ever going to use the newly purchased item. I look at something and think... "I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE SEE THIS AGAIN - I NEED TO BUY IT NOW". Which is kind of ridiculous, but in the moment feels so true.

So, a while back at a scrapbook store in Cape Cod, I bought a small accordion type "brag book" -- which is ultimately a small scrapbook with two cardboard pieces for the front & back cover and a long black [already creased] piece of cardstock that you attach to the cardboard pieces. After adding pictures and other small embellishments, you get your very own scrapbook with immediate satisfaction -- because it only takes about twenty-minutes to complete [assuming you've done your power layout, of course].

I've had this type of book for probably years and few months back, I saw it while organizing all my things and I put to the side with a strong hope that I would find pictures to fill it. Eventually, I brought it into the living room and put it beside me while doing something else. At some point, between looking at this brag book next to me and all my bridal magazines across the room... I had some type of epiphany.

What if I used my brag book as a wedding inspiration board to-go?

It's amazing!

It's not finished, yet! I still have about 5 more pages of free-space on the opposite side. I've been carrying around this small book everywhere I go... for months! Anytime someone asks anything about the wedding... I'm able to whip it out of my bag and say, "funny you asked!"

I've found my method of collecting magazine clippings and putting them into this book really works: for me. I love being able to carry it around everywhere. I love being able to take out the pictures I LOVE from all the magazines I have and being able to recycle those magazines faster... which means I buy myself more magazines quicker. And I love that I got use out of something I already owned.

It was perfect.


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