Now that summer's officially over [at least in terms of break ending thus returning back to work] I thought it necessary to record our wedding accomplishments completed throughout these last few months [& the few months before summer].

So far we've:

Picked a date.
Choose a location.
Put together our guest list.
Booked our DJ.
Booked our officiant.
Booked our photo booth.
Booked our florist.
Booked our photographer.
Researched hotel accommodations.
Bought my wedding gown & veil.
Taken engagement pictures.
Picked bridesmaids & groomsmen.
Choose our bridesmaid dresses.
Mailed out my first bridesmaid newsletter.
Bought the groom's shoes.

In the next few months I will be sending out save the dates but other than that our my focus will be more on me. =)

I need jewelry, shoes, a hair style, make-up, my something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue [I already have some categories filled].

Plus! I need to figure out dress fittings. I'm really confused about how that works -- like how many times and when I need to have them, if at all. My main focus should be shoes so I can decide if my dress needs to be hemmed...

Hopefully it won't need to be.


  1. i am slightly jealous of how much time you still have :)

  2. i'm really jealous at how soon your wedding is!


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